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Pocahontas State Park Wedding | Hannah and Tai

Hannah and Tai finally tied the knot!

October 18th wasn’t just a beautiful sunny day at Pocahontas State Park, but the day that Hannah and Tai finally tied the knot! I’ve had so much getting to know this laid back and goofy couple, and their energetic (and so photogenic) son Anthony! Hannah and Tai’s first look was absolutely adorable! I really didn’t have to direct them much, as their such a fun loving couple that just their interactions were priceless photos. I loved connecting with this couple on so many things, but specifically our shared love for Pokémon! I may have caught a joke or two about some shiny Bidoofs that they shared, and we all laughed together. The ceremony was stunning, and I was so excited for them when they finally said, “I do!” After the ceremony, the reception kicked off and it was time for the party!

Now, I’ve seen many first dances, and I absolutely love them. It’s such a special moment to share with your new husband/bride, and sharing it with friends and your new additions to your family is beautiful. I love watching everyone watch the bride and groom, and you can just see the support and love for the couple around the room. But I have to say, Hannah and Tai’s first dance is my favorite that I’ve witnessed so far! They danced to For the Dancing and the Dreaming from How to Train your Dragon 2, and the dance was as fun as the couple! Tai joked before the dance that it would just be a lot awkward and swaying, but he twirled Hannah around like a princess and dipped her at the end. I had such a hard time trying to control myself and not just start crying.

Hannah was full of smiles and they just laughed and danced together and truly enjoyed the fun of each other, and even now just thinking of it I’m tearing up! I wish so much good fortune on this wonderful couple, and I hope life shines some amazing lights in their lives together. They are truly so in love, so in sync, and so good for each other. I wish you two years of happiness together! Congratulations again Hannah and Tai, and I hope you enjoy your sneak peek of your wedding photos!