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Maggie Graduation

Congratulations to Maggie! She is going into her senior year of high school, and will be graduating in the spring from Patrick Henry High School. Maggie just moved here a little while ago from Maryland, and she’s settled in during her junior year at Patrick Henry. I was so excited to get to meet her and her mom, Nancy, for her session at their beautiful farm! Maggie lives on a huge farm, complete with chickens, goats, and a beautiful pony! I was definitely having a bit of field day over all of the beautiful spots to take photos. They even have an adorably picturesque wooden swing in the middle of a field!

Of course, we had to obligatory shots by her dad’s old Ford truck, that he got years ago. It’s pretty funny that he got this green truck on a St. Patrick’s Day! That Ford is like his baby, and he’s joked with Maggie that someday it’s going to be hers! Now his little girl is all grown up, so we absolutely had to get some shots of both of them together. It’s one of those full circle moments, and I hope they treasure those photos!

As a family, they rescue animals and help to rehabilitate them. They really share a love for animals, and a desire to help them. With Maggie’s love of animals, she really wanted to incorporate some of her favorite pets into her sessions! One of her favorite animal pals is one the dogs that they have rescued, who’s named Parker. Little Parker is half blind, but that doesn’t stop his spunky personality! I mean, just look at those ears! We hopped into a field for some photos, where their goats and pony hang out. As usual on shoots with farm animals, they were super interested in what we were up to! The goats definitely wanted to be the center of attention, and really wanted to know just what was in my camera bag! It helped provide a lot of laughs for some beautiful photos of Maggie and Parker. Gosh, those ears are just too cute!

Along with all of the goats, ponies, chickens, and pigs, there were also some newborn goats on the farm! I couldn’t imagine getting to live on such a peaceful farm, with the wonderful company of so many adorable animals. Maggie wanted some photos of her favorite little baby goat, which I was so excited for! We wandered over to the colorful little garden on the side of their house, for some stunning photos of the two of them! While taking photos, the little goat let out some adorably, “baahs,” that just sent us all into laughter over the cuteness! You know that feeling when something is just so cute that it hurts? That has to be the definition of baby goats.

Maggie is just so fun loving, outdoorsy, and a blast to hang out with! She has such a genuine personality, and I love her unique sense of style. I had so much fun getting to know her and her mom, and seeing the wonderful support system that Maggie has! Every senior has that daunting question of what in the world they want to DO after graduation, and I just know that Maggie will find something amazing that she is passionate about, and that she will do some great work in! I wish her the best of luck in her senior year, and all of the incredible journeys that life will take her through. Congratulations again to Maggie and her amazing accomplishment!! Graduation will be here before you know it!