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A Spring Engagement Session with Rolling Hills | Sarah & Kenny

A Kents Store Engagement with Three Dogs! | Virginia Wedding Photographer 

Meet Sarah and Kenny! These two love getting to travel and enjoy the great outdoors with each other. When they aren’t on the go, they love getting to cook, and spending nights on the couch with their three dogs. Back in October, they took a trip out to Sedona, Arizona to celebrate Sarah’s 30th birthday. Kenny had a full day of fun adventures planned for them! They started their day with a water-to-wine tour, where they got to kayak down a river to a vineyard. They then went to a second vineyard, Page Spring Cellars, where they got to relax on a beautiful deck overlooking the river. Kenny told Sarah that we wanted to take a quick photo to commemorate the trip, and set his phone up on a timer. Little did Sarah know that he was taking a video! Before she knew it, Kenny was down on one knee asking Sarah to marry him. Sarah ecstatically said, “yes!” and now they are planning their May wedding together!

They decided to hold their wedding on Sarah’s parents’ beautiful property out in Kents Store, Virginia. This also ended up being the perfect place for their engagement session, especially so they could include their three dogs! I had so much fun getting to travel out to see them, and getting to catch up in person. Sarah and Kenny are so fun and laid back, and we had a blast exploring the beautiful property! They are just so excited to continue their amazing adventures together, and love finding time to enjoy the peaceful moments in life. 
Sarah’s mom, Linda, was also kind enough to help wrangle the doggos for a few photos! I was so excited to meet this well-trained bunch. River, Loki, and Baloo did SUCH a great job, and brought along so many great laughs! Sarah and Kenny were patient as ever, giggling through all of the fun moments that three dogs bring. We all had so much fun together, and I’m just in love with their photos!

Congratulations again you two, and I can’t wait for your wedding in May!