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Detail Styling | Planning Tips

I hope everyone is enjoying the new year! I just can’t wait for this wedding season to get started, and I’m so excited to have fun getting to know new couples and taking photos! Today, I felt like sharing a few detail styling tips for brides.

Detail shots can really tie your entire day together, and can make your wedding albums look so elegant! “Details,” can be so many things. Usually, details consist of your shoes, all three rings, your florals, any jewelry, perfume, and of course, any invitations or save the dates that you sent out to guests! Details can also include a variety of other things, such as your something borrowed or blue, sashes or handkerchiefs, wraps, shawls, veils, hair pieces, you name it! Anything extra you may have, should be photographed beautifully.

You spend so much time gathering all of these things, along with spending a lot of money on them! It’s important to remember those pieces as well, especially since many of them have important memories attached. I absolutely love getting to style details, and I wanted to offer some simple tips on how to make sure your detail shots will turn out great! The most important thing to think about, is just having everything with you on your day! Make sure that you have your bridal bouquet delivered to wherever you are getting ready with your photographer. Your bouquet can add a lot to these photos, and sometimes photographers will take a bloom, or a leaf or two, to add to these details shots to tie in all of the pieces of your day. If you talk to your florist, you can also have them set aside a few blooms for your photographer to use for this!

Second, it’s important that you keep ALL THREE rings with you! Many planners and moms will tell you to hand the rings over to the best man at the start of the day, but it’s better to hold on to them until your photographer has had a chance to photograph them. It’s easy to get these shots during detail time and while you are getting ready, as opposed to after the ceremony. After the ceremony, timelines are usually full with family formals, bridal party photos, and portraits, along with all of your guests wanting to get a moment with you! With all the craziness after the ceremony, sometimes it can be hard to get a ring shot after. It’s also really nice to be able to add your rings to shots with other details!

Finally, it’s a great idea to think of some extra elements to add! Now, I’m a photographer, so of course I hold a special place in my heart for photos. I dream of the day that I will get married someday, and it’s hard not to imagine what photos I’d love to have! For me, I know that I would want to have styled images that are consistent in color, and just that make everything look nice! Being in the wedding industry, it’s not hard for me to imagine having a beautiful silk ribbon hanging from my bouquet, or a resin amethyst platter that I could lay my jewelry on. I honestly can’t wait to someday get to put it together!

Everyone has their own styles and ideas, and it’s important to just think about your own style, and how you’d want your photos to look. Little things that can bring out the style or theme of your wedding can be pretty easy to find! If you are having a rustic barn wedding, a wooden tree ring would be a beautiful way to show that in your details. Ribbons are so much fun to add to bouquets, and it can make such a difference!

Here are two different examples of how details can really bring the whole day together!