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Happy Valentine’s Day!

From Richmond Wedding Photographer Kailey Brianne Photography

I hope that everyone is enjoying their Valentine’s Day, and are getting to spend it with people they love! If you happen to be looking for a quick way to show someone your appreciation or ways to spend your night in, I hope you enjoy these few examples of how you can make someone you love smile on Valentine’s Day!

1. Write them a thoughtful note.
With the instant communication that technology brings us these days, it can be hard to remember the feeling of a heartfelt, hand-written, note. As much as I love the ease of texting a warm message on special occasions, receiving those from others never seems to elicit the same reaction as when my Grandmother mails me another one of her many newspaper clippings. I can never help but smile, laugh, and roll my eyes at the small envelopes that could always have been sent as photo or text message. However, it’s the thought of her taking all of the extra time to cut out the article, write a little note, seal and label it an envelope, and get it in the mail that makes me bubble up inside at the care involved in getting it to me. Even if it’s handed to them instead of mailed, there is just something about holding a handwritten message that you can’t beat. To hear an adorable engagement story involving sweetly written letters, check out Jacob and Lindsey’s engagement blog post here!

Bride reading letter before wedding by Richmond wedding photographer Kailey Brianne Photography
Bride reading letter before wedding by Richmond wedding photographer Kailey Brianne Photography
Bride reading letter before wedding by Richmond wedding photographer Kailey Brianne Photography
Letter sharing before wedding by Richmond wedding photographer Kailey Brianne Photography

2. Get them a succulent.
Now there is NOTHING wrong with grabbing a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Not everyone loves flowers, but they bring a smile to my face almost instantly! However, the upside to succulents is that they don’t die 3 weeks later 🙂 An alternate to gorgeous blooms to consider is a quaint little plant that they can continue to nurture and grow long after Valentine’s Day! You can can find succulents almost anywhere with a garden section, or even at some Whole Foods locations.

3. Take the time to dance.
Who says you need to go out to go dancing? Honestly, all you need is a little space and your phone for some music! Even just holding hands and swaying to your favorite sweet song, or jamming out to your favorite party song for a few minutes, can be a nice way to have some fun and be spontaneous on an evening in. Being silly or ridiculous, just because, can really feed your soul sometimes.

4. Google quizzes for couples and take one.
This may sound so cheesy, but these can be so enlightening and are great conversation starters! The hour could start with a simple question about dream vacation preferences and end with an intense debate over whether or not pineapples belong on pizza. They are a great way to learn a lot about yourself and your partner, bring up great conversations to have in a relationship, and also bring about some intense rounds of laughter!

5. Send them an internet thing that you know they’ll love.
A snap, a .gif, anime character pun, or video, whatever you know would make them laugh! Maybe its a horrible pun (I love the Pokemon ones!), a clever song, or a funny article. It’s the little things that really brighten your day 🙂

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