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Kay and Leia

I haven’t seen Kay since she was about yeh high! I always hated it when family members would say this to me, but it really is so fitting. Its always so crazy watching people grow up! I remember seeing her all the time when I cam over to see her older sister Robin, and now she’s a teenager herself! I’m so glad to get to see her again, and I just had to have a session with her and Leia. Thanks to random Richmond weather, it took us a few weeks to make this happen, but I’m so glad we got to do it! I’ve always loved horses, and who doesn’t appreciate beautiful photos of them and their horse?

Leah is a beautiful dark bay, who totally points her ears at you whenever you say her name. Would you believe that she is 24? She doesn’t look a day over 7, and has such an energetic personality! We got to walk around the fields of trees and buttercups, finding the most beautiful light shining through the trees. We are both big fans of the airy, fairytale light that shines through the trees in the field! Not only were we enjoying the light, we also had quite a laugh avoiding the other ponies in the field. About 3 other ponies followed us around on our adventure, sometimes politely staying off to the side, and other times deciding that they are now the new focus of my shot. One pony in particular, Special Ed, took quite a liking to my poor camera bag! I would get so excited about a photo we just got, and then immediately laugh and have to turn around because Ed was trying to take my bag right off my shoulder! It was absolutely hilarious, and we just had to get creative with keeping them entertained elsewhere. It definitely made for a fun session! Aside from maneuvering the ponies, this session was such a dream! Kay and Leah are adorable together, and Kay clearly loves her so much. Nothing comes between a girl and her horse, after all. I just had so much fun with these two, and I’m so excited to share some of my favorites from our session!