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RACC Pet Mini Sessions

April 27th was filled with sun, buttercups, and doggos! I’m so thankful for everyone who came out for their pet mini sessions, benefitting the Richmond Animal Care and Control Foundation. RACC does so much great work for the community, and do their absolute best to find all of their rescues forever homes! I had the wonderful opportunity to foster a dog for their Thanksgiving Foster program, and it just breaks my heart that I can’t give every animal of theirs a home. Like many, my heart was also broken over the news of what happened to Tommie, and I wanted to find a way that I could contribute. Thanks to these sessions, we were able to get a wonderful donation together for RACC to help them with all of the necessities they need to care for all of the animals that they house!

I was so happy to see Susan again, as I had done a mini session for her and her Pug, Squirrel, last year. This time, she had three dogs in tow! Not only dig she bring along Squirrel, but she also brought along her new Pug puppy, Chippy. Yes, Chippy is short for Chipmunk, and yes, that means she has two Pugs named Squirrel and Chipmunk! How much cuter can they get! I also had the wonderful opportunity to meet Ry and John, who brought along their beautiful Pit Bull Lola! Lola is a rescue, who wears her scars from a horrible acid incident before she was rescued. However, that doesn’t stop Lola from being happy and full of life! I mean, just look at that face. Her eyes are so sweet! Her bandanna, which was handmade by Ry’s mom, also adds to the cuteness! Finally, I got to see Pan and Bianca again! I was ecstatic when Pam mentioned she’d love a session for Bianca, her gorgeous Great Pyrenees that I’ve had the pleasure of dog sitting before. This girl is just so beautiful! I had to include the photo of “the paw.” Great Pyrenees are known for giving you their paw!

If you would like to donate, adopt, or learn more about the Richmond Animal Care and Control Foundation, then visit their website!