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Rima and Devu

I want to wish a huge congratulations to Rima and Devu! They will be graduating from VCU in May, and they are very excited for life after graduation. Devu will be graduating with a degree in Psychology, with a focus on addiction. She is currently applying at graduate schools, with the hopes of getting her Masters! Talk about celebrating some achievement! Rima will be graduating in Economics and Political science, and hopes to some day work in city government. I’m sure you can guess who’s idea it was to have their session at the Capitol Square! Rima is absolutely in love with the architecture of the capitol building, and jokes about how she will take her future children to visit the capitol all the time.

Rima and Devu were so much fun to get to know, and I just love how much they laugh together! These two have been inseparable for years, and they even live together. I could just see how their fun their friendship was, and definitely got to laugh along with them! I always love when people really want to have fun with their session, and are open to new ideas, or have some of their own. They had so many fun ideas for their session, like bringing along some champagne, and a confetti popper! Although, it wasn’t much of a popper as it was a cannon! We were NOT ready for how surprisingly loud it was when we popped it for the photo, and it just caught everyone off guard. I’m pretty sure everyone in the courtyard heard us and were looking at us, but we just couldn’t help but laugh about it! I couldn’t help but include the bloopers along with some of my favorites!