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Richmond Engagement Session Locations

Best Engagement Session Locations in Richmond | Richmond Engagement Photographer

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite Richmond engagement session locations! I’m always asked about where my favorite places in the Richmond area are, and which places might look best. Any location with great light will look amazing, but it’s important to choose a location that feels like you! The location for your session will be the biggest factor in setting the “vibe,” of your photos. For example, a session in a busy downtown area will look very different from a session out in an open field. You’d also probably choose different outfits in those scenarios!

If you are proud city folk, a hike up a mountain might not be your jam. If you are constantly out exploring, then maybe one of your favorite parks would be the perfect location. Maybe you’re excited for super stylish outfits, and want to find an epic location to match! Do you have a location that is special to the two of you? Chat with your photographer. It might end up being a hidden gem! I’ve done engagement sessions at first date locations, backyards, and even a sleep-away summer camp where they first met!

Some locations require booking fees to use their property, and others might have travel fees depending on where your photographer is located. Here are a few of my favorite Richmond engagement session locations!

Maymont Park
Located in Richmond, this stunning park is now open to photography sessions! They no longer require a fee or appointment, and it’s quickly becoming a new favorite. The sprawling grounds offer plenty of variety and opportunities to explore, along with gorgeous plant life almost year round. If you are hoping for spring blooms, this is hands down the best location if you want to avoid additional fees! Make sure to confirm they aren’t closing early for private events on your session date, and remember that Maymont usually does have large crowds. This location closes early at 5 PM in the fall, starting in October, and is specifically not pet friendly. 

Maymont Engagement Sessions
Richmond Engagement Session by Kailey Brianne Photography

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Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Sculpture Garden
I’ve done more engagement sessions at this location than anywhere else in Richmond! This colorful location is one of my personal favorites, especially in the spring. Between the garden sculptures, architecture, and surrounding Richmond roads, there is so much variety! This is a fantastic location for Richmond locals who love the city vibes, but want some additional greenery.

Richmond Engagement Session by Kailey Brianne Photography

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Rural Plains Park
This is my favorite free Richmond engagement session location, if you want a natural vibe! In my opinion, this is the closest you will get to fields and epic trees in the area without having to pay a fee. This secluded little park has tree-lined trails and a large front field. This location is best during the spring and summer months! 

Richmond Engagement Session by Kailey Brianne Photography
Richmond Engagement Session by Kailey Brianne Photography

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Windy Knoll Farms ($100 booking fee)
This is hands down my favorite new location in the area for fall sessions! This sweet family farm has sprawling fields of sunflowers in the summer, fall pumpkins, a Christmas Tree farm, and those gorgeous tall grasses! This local farm has lots of variety for fall vibes, and a calming air to enjoy.   

Richmond Engagement Session by Kailey Brianne Photography

Crump Park
This lovely little park is in the Glen Allen area, and offers large fields and a small animal farm! This is a great location for more laid back sessions, especially in the summer and fall months. 

Raven’s Roost ($68 travel fee)
If you are avid hikers or travelers, Raven’s Roost is a fantastic location for mountain views! This overlook is off of Blue Ridge Parkway, and is a free alternative to the nearby Skyline Drive overlooks. Overlooks are naturally smaller areas, so there is less to explore. However, you will get extremely unique photos!

Raven's Roost Overlook Engagement Session

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The Virginia House (requires booking fee)
This is my favorite location I’ve ever photographed at, EVER. If you are open to paying a booking fee for your engagement session location, I will profess my love for this Richmond location from the rooftops! From the architecture, greenery, and sprawling back gardens, every part of this property is simply gorgeous. If you are looking for a more natural but still true-to-Richmond vibe, this is the perfect location! 

Great Shiplock Park
This is a lesser known park in the downtown area! This park is situated between the river and train tracks, and often has tall grasses growing under the tracks. This small park also offers some sandy river access, if you are hoping for some water in summer sessions! 

Brown’s Island & the Canal Walk
A staple of Richmond, this area is a wonderful mix of nature and urban settings! Enjoy the murals of the canal walk, along with sunset in the fields of Brown’s Island. Depending on the weather, you can snag some of Richmond’s skyline in the background while on the memorial bridge. 

Richmond Engagement Session by Kailey Brianne Photography
Richmond Engagement Session by Kailey Brianne Photography

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Libby Hill Park
If you want to highlight the Richmond city skyline in your engagement session, Libby Hill offers the very best views in the city! However, it’s also VERY well known. You will be surprised how many photography sessions can be happening at once, just inches away from each other! I suggest pairing this with another local area for some additional variety!

Richmond Engagement Session by Kailey Brianne Photography
Richmond Engagement Session by Kailey Brianne Photography

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Random places in downtown Richmond!
Sometimes your favorite mural, or spot for tea, might be a great spot for portraits! These can be especially great when you are hoping to add something unique to your session.

Richmond Engagement Session by Kailey Brianne Photography
Richmond Engagement Session by Kailey Brianne Photography

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Chimborazo Park
This park can be a more secluded alternative to the city views of Libby Hill! This park is especially beautiful in the Fall months. 

King Family Vineyards (requires booking fee + $45 travel fee)
This family-owned Vineyard in Crozet has open land and mountain views! You can also turn the day into a date, with some wine tasting after your session 🙂

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Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens (Requires Booking Fee)
Unfortunately, Lewis Ginter closes at 5 pm! The light at this time of day can still be pretty harsh, depending on the time of year. However, it can be a fantastic location in March and late October, especially if you love the conservatory!

Local rooftop/ top floor of parking deck
Okay, I know I sound crazy, and these were totally taken all the way out in downtown Roanoke. However, there is definitely a similar area local to you as well! It might take some googling to find, but rooftop sessions are so unique!! You can avoid the fees and crowds of most rooftop locations by finding less used parking decks. If you are hoping to have 1-2 locations for a downtown engagement session, ask your photographer about rooftops!

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Persimmon Creek Barn (requires booking fee)
This wedding venue is local to Beaverdam! The stunning property was designed with photography in mind, and has open fields overlooking a lake. This is a fantastic fall and summer location!

Manchester Climbing Wall
This lesser-known park is just on the other side of the James, and is another option for some skyline views while avoiding large crowds.

Richmond Engagement Session by Kailey Brianne Photography

Historic Tuckahoe (requires booking fee)
This is another great option for local fields and gardens! The large property has so much to explore, including gardens and a tree-lined driveway. Depending on the time of year, they also have fields of wildflowers!

Yorktown Battlefield (parking + $38 travel fee)
This Battlefield in Yorktown is a great fall location! They have endless fields of tall grasses that can be so hard to find in Richmond! They do require that each car purchases a ticket at the visitor center.

Yorktown Engagement Session by Kailey Brianne Photography

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Manassas National Battlefield (parking + $71 travel fee)
This is another Battlefield park in the northern Virginia Area! This park is also known for its fields of tall grasses. 

Virginia Beach (approximately $90 travel fee)
Are you total beach goers? Beach sessions can be so much fun, and very unique! I suggest planning these in early spring or late fall to avoid the normal summer crowds. Keep in mind that the sun sets in the west- not over our eastern shoreline! Sunset will fall behind the houses and surrounding property. If you don’t want to see anything but the beach in your photos, I’d suggest a morning sunrise session!

Virginia Beach Engagement Session by Kailey Brianne Photography

First Landing State Park (parking + $90 travel fee)
First Landing State Park is a fantastic location to pair along with the beach! Enjoy their sandy lakefront, and beautiful forest. This location is especially great for fall sessions in the area!

Your Grandad’s/friend’s/second cousin’s private farm
Seriously, if you know someone around here with a few acres, its worth it to see if you can have your session there! Some of my favorite engagement sessions have been private land owned by someone close to the couple!

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